Wednesday, September 22, 2021

I am excited for the fall shows to start! This year will be a little different with the trailer. I am thankful I don’t have to haul all the grid wall in and setup my whole display. But I am also nervous, being outside instead of in where all the vendors are. Will customers come to the trailer, or will it be a bother to stop outside for one vendor, when they can hurry inside and shop with many more? I will miss the chattering among the other vendors. I have always enjoyed seeing them when the shows start up. But even with these few concerns, I am still super excited to get out to the shows! The trailer has lights and heat, and is oh so cozy!  I have been busy sewing inventory and John has started turning again. 
Stop in and say hi, we are looking forward to our first show!
OCTOBER 2, 9-4  


Thursday, May 6, 2021

Finger Puppets

 I just love all the little finger puppet designs. The designers put so much detail into them,

I just can’t get enough of them! You can see these and more in the trailer Saturday, May 8. 9:30-4 at the Virginia Miners Building. I will have the trailer setup at the back of the arena.

Monday, April 5, 2021


My word for 2021is “thankful”. With all that is happening and our way of life turned upside down, it’s sometimes hard to find things to be thankful for. With the craft shows being canceled last fall and my neck trouble this winter, it was getting me down. A couple months ago when I was having my daily pity party, my ever wise husband pointed out some positive points in my situation. I decided the best way to handle that was ignore him, after all he wasn’t living this neck shoulder pain and very limited activity level, plus not being able to sit at the sewing machine! A few hours later he comes back from his wood room with a platform for my sewing machine to sit on. I still couldn’t sit there, but he designed it so my neck/spine would be be in the proper alignment when I was ready. I am able to sit now for 5 minutes at a time, but I am “thankful “ for that much. And I am so “thankful “ for John’s patience, and knowledge at building things. 

My 97 year old Mom ended up in the hospital for two nights. I called her yesterday morning to see how she was feeling, and she yelled in the phone, I’m going home! I was so “thankful “ she was able to home for Easter!  Later in the day my sister Irene called and said Mom wanted to come out. Three of our kids and their families were here and she hadn’t seen them in over a year. We had to get her in the house and there are 6 steps up to the deck. Going up she decided she could walk. Well it took three guys and very slow motion! So after a wonderful visit and some great laughs, she decided she would let them carry her in the wheelchair back down the steps. A lot of discussion and planning was put into how was best to do it. She told them they were in charge of how, but please don’t drop her. 🤣. We were able to push her up the ramp of the trailer, so she finally got to see it in person! I am so very “thankful “ for Irene driving her out here, my sister Kay for being her healthcare advocate, which is a job some days! And my brother James for taking her home after being discharged, John, Evertt and Conrad for their careful handling of her. I hope when I am her age, I will also have a positive attitude and be “thankful” like she is! I am “thankful” that three of our kids and their families could be here and our two kids that couldn’t be here, were making Easter memories with their kids! 

Your reward for being “thankful “ is, the more you are “thankful” for the happier you feel! ❤️

Friday, March 12, 2021

Addy’s Chickens

Last weekend we visited with our son and family. Our granddaughter Addy raises chickens and sells the eggs. She had her egg money in a cup, so I stitched her a zipper bag to keep her money in. It even has chickens on the lining fabric. I am so impressed with her care of them, she is in the coop, carrying them around, gathering eggs and feeding them. Her cousin Marina came to visit, it took her a while to get past the smell, but then she was carrying one around and gathering eggs too. It was fun to watch the girls, Marina was full of questions as this was the first time being around chickens, and Addy was happy to teach her all about it. 
I’m still not able to sit at the sewing machine, but I can stand and run the embroidery machine. The zipper bag was made completely on the embroidery machine. They are fun to make! Tomorrow I hope to make the bags her brothers ordered. 


Thursday, March 4, 2021

Lucky Leprechaun

I can’t sit at the sewing machine, but I can stand and operate the embroidery machine. So today was lucky leprechaun day in the sewing room. It was my first time making a stuffie $25, I just love his curly hair and beard! Key fob/ornament gnome or shamrock pickup $8. Snap guy leprechaun, cat in the hat & thing 1&2, $10 each. St Patrick’s banner complete $30 or individual, $10 car, $10 couple, $8 gnome, $8 Lucky, $5 set of 3 shamrocks. 

Cloth Easter $6 egg pockets dress up the breakfast table when used as silverware holders. Or they make a fun home for the finger puppets, lamb bunny and chick finger puppets $3. Snap egg holders, bunny or puppy $8. Marshmallow bunny key fob $4

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

I’m grounded

 After my last post, my shoulder and arm pain increased.  We decided to go to the Twin Cities Spine Center for a second opinion. John and I went to the Cities on Monday, and Amanda went with us to the Spine Center. They said the arm pain and the previous redness was a result of the nerve being irritated and not an allergic reaction to the injection, I’m thankful for that. 

Dr. Mueller decided that I should have another injection, but a different kind than Duluth did. Tuesday morning I had an injection through the front of my neck into the nerve root at C6-7. He said let me know when you feel it in your arm. I don’t think he meant scream, but that’s what I did, wow, painful!! He just said, good I got what I wanted. We came home from the Cities last night, and I had therapy this morning. I will go to therapy two days a week for neck and shoulder strengthening. My therapist said I can do any activity until it gets painful. I cooked a little today. I think John liked the break. No sewing, but I hope I can ease into that in a few weeks. I’m thankful I can run the embroidery machine without too much effort. 

We won’t know for a few weeks if this injection worked. My next step is surgery to fuse C6-7. I’m not crazy about that, so I’m praying this plan works! 

John has grounded my trailer! He has been so good about helping me get out there, but now he says it’s time to concentrate on healing, so that I will be able to operate this new venture for years to come. I hope to be out with the trailer in a month or so. Or as John says, maybe a few months! 

The trailer won’t be out but I have plenty of inventory on hand. I can text, Facebook message or email photos of items you are interested in. I can deliver to Virginia two days a week. Or if you feel like a drive, you are welcome to contact me and setup an appointment to come here and shop in the trailer.  I have St Patrick’s Day vinyl embroidered gnomes, leprechaun and coffee mugs. Easter eggs pockets with finger puppets. I will try to post photos often of current inventory.

The sun is shining and the snow is melting! I drove on clear pavement today. Spring is coming!!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Valentines Day

 I have much  to be thankful for, I just have to remember to be thankful! I have been having shoulder  trouble for quite a few years. Mostly tight muscles. I would go for acupuncture  treatments and they would help for a few months. It got worse in December, I blamed it on all the sewing I do in the fall. I finally went in the end of December, I went for a few treatments and it got worse instead of better. I was sent for an MRI and found I have a bulging disc and arthritis at C6-7 in my neck. I went last Thursday for an injection in the disc. I felt better that night and Friday. Saturday my left arm started to hurt and my fingers were tingling. By Monday my arm was red and I was very uncomfortable. So back to the doc to find out, I am allergic to the dye in the injection. She put me on an antihistamine and increased one pain med. By Thursday my dry eye was terrible. I had been treated for a few years for that, and it was under control and my eyes were healthy. More consulting with the doctors, to find that the antihistamine was drying out my eyes. They decided I could discontinue it and then prescribed a steroid eye drop. Two days of using it and my eyes are starting to feel better. My shoulder is feeling better and most of the arm pain is gone.Not much sewing for the last month was causing withdrawals! Every time I would sit at the machine, the tingling down my arm was unbearable. So this morning John came up with the idea to change the placement of my machine. He made a platform for my machine that tilts down towards me. So now my neck stays straight instead of looking down and keeping my neck bent for long periods of time. Through all of this John has taken over everything in the house, because I spent most days in the recliner. And today coming up,with a solution to get me back sewing, I am so thankful for him! Sometimes when life gets busy we take those around us for granted. I don’t want to sound mushy and sappy :), but this man is is my greatest blessing! I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner My trailer wouldn’t have happened without all his help and knowledge. Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I won’t get roses and chocolate, but I will know I am his world and he is mine!

 My interview with David Colburn of the Timberjay newspaper.

Saturday, February 6, 2021


 -15 this morning with -35 windchill, and we setup the trailer in Virginia. Crazy people!!! Two Buddy Heaters in the trailer kept us warm! We appreciate everyone who braved the cold today, thank you! 

This was our second time setting up and I am loving it! Both days my friend Sue Thomas with Northern Gnomology came with. She is fun to spend the day with and you just can’t resist her gnomes! 

We had a surprise visit from Dave of Timberjay newspaper. He came to interview me about starting the trailer as a way to keep selling with the craft shows being canceled. It was a fun interview, he has great humor and puts you at ease. I feel honored that he was impressed enough by my Facebook posts, to come see the trailer! So even with the cold, it was a great day!

Our next pop-up is Wednesday February 6. Noon to 5 in Cook at BIC Realty parking lot. But if it’s another cold day with below windchill, we will not setup. 

I will post that morning to let you know if we will be open.