Friday, June 5, 2009

Nature's Treasures, Gail

Gilley's Naturals

Marvelous Martha Woodworks

Fiest Woodworks

Karen Spotts woodburning

Natures Knives

Country Market

June 2 was our first Country Market at the Crescent Bar & Grill. After some problems with my tent, the sign post breaking, the rain and the wind we had a good day. Dennis Spotts brought Karen's woodburning, Jerry & Judy were there with their knives and beading. Gail Peterson and Patty came with their beautiful painted items, Jill & Sarah Gilley were there with their naturals. Alan & Jen Presley brought some really neat wood trunks, Marty Nosie had wood planters with bear, deer and moose heads. And of couse I was there with our RagBags, quilts and diapers. We will all be back there Tues June 9, 11 to 3. I will have some baby and toddler hats. My niece Katie asked me to make Breanna a bonnet because she was getting her head sunburnt and they couldn't find bonnets in town. Well being I love to sew I said sure, and then thought "I'm sure other Mom's want these too". I made a couple of bucket hats and embroiderd some fishing lures on them, tuned out cute. I did some girly bonnets too. I took some photos that day so will post some of those.