Friday, May 27, 2011

Orr Braves Mitten Trivia

My alma mater, Orr High School is closing after this year. John & I and our 5 children plus all of our siblings graduated from Orr. In celebration of the school I embroidered a pair of mittens with the year of the first graduating class and the year of the last. For the last week followers of our Facebook page have been trying to answer trivia questions about the 44 Shermer/Huismann graduates of OHS. Here are the answers with the top guesser:
Shermer graduates:
Dennis 1966 & Sharen (Udovich) 1972, Keith 1990, Celine 1997
Irene 1967, Shawn 1988,Dan Harman 2010, Jeff Harman 2011
Sandy 1992 & Jason Wardas 1992
Clifford 1968, Lisa 2000 &Tim Towner 1999, Lindsey 2004
Mark 1973 & Karen(Olson) 1973
Marty 1975, Christine 1995, Katie 1997, Billie Jean 2003
Ruth 1977 & John Huismann 1977, Cassandra 1998, Lucas 2001, Evertt 2003, Conrad 2006, Amanda 2007
James 1979, Angie 2009, Jessica 2011
Joe 1980
Kay 1984, Tony 2005, Tonja 2010

Huismann Graduates:
Karen 1972 & Terry Skraba 1964
Kathy 1974 & Kenny Lehman 1969
(John 1977 & Ruth (Shermer) 1977; see Shermer list; only counted there.
Barb 1979 & Mark Tupy 1975
Fritz 1980 & Jon Strong 2005

Bus drivers among us:
Nick Shermer 1961 to 1984, Syvilla Shermer sub driver, Bill Nosie, Marty Nosie sub driver. Irene Semon, Kay Cornelius.
letterman jackets in John & Ruth house...John,football.Cassandra volleyball, track, knowledge bowl. Lucas track, Evertt track & football, Conrad track and Amanda track & volleyball.
Karla Arvila wins the mittens with total points of 138. Congratulations Karla!! Thanks everyone for playing along! It has been fun going down memory lane.
Karla you can pick up your mittens at Gilley's Naturals in Cook, Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wedding Dress Heirlooms

Stitched for Luke & Chasity Huisann from Chasity's wedding gown, wore by my grandson, Lane Christian Huismann

If you don't have a daughter who wants to wear your wedding gown you could have keepsakes made. This gown was perfect for a christening gown, I used the lace edge for the hem. The teddy bear was made for the bride with their names and date embroidered on the feet. The little puppies were made for her children and grandchildren.