Friday, May 4, 2012


A clothing manufacturer went out of business and we bid on some of their fabric and supplies. We didn't get any fabric but we did win the bid on some zippers. 1700 of them!! Well that is a lot of jacket zippers. Then I was contacted by a lady that had some sewing stuff left in her storage unit. Well if you know us, we can't pass up a deal. Cassandra and I went last Sat with an extended cab pickup with a topper. We came home with the topper and the backseat full, good thing I am short because Cassandra moved the seat all the way forward so she could fit more in!! Then she packed so well that the topper had no space left. That load yielded us between 3000 and 4000 zippers!! Bundles of white shoelaces, thread and some very nice fabric. I was able to start some little jumpers today. Cassandra made a bag with some of the zippers, very cute. Next week I should have some photos to post.