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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Craft Sales

I slept so hard last night, I don't think I moved all night! I had a sale at the Hibbing Hospital Friday, left home at 4:30am, was set up and ready to sell by 6:30am. There was a steady stream of customers until it was over at 4pm. Packed up our stuff and drove over to Virginia. John met me at the Miners' Memorial Building and we set up for the Women of Today Show for Sat. Got my sore tired body home at 8pm. Long day, but I had so much fun! Saturday morning we woke up to a thick sheet of ice on everything. Thankfully my niece Katie was sharing a space with me at the show. She lives close to town and they didn't have the ice, so she took care of sales until I could get there at noon. It was another great sale. I enjoy visiting with the customers!
Now I am going to be sewing like a mad woman!! Orders to fill from the two shows, restock at Gilley's Naturals and get ready for our next show at Biwabik Dec 1. The doll clothes are fun and I love to sew, so it's like not work,lol

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