Monday, February 25, 2013

Finnish Festival Dresses I made for the Laskiainen Finnish Sledding Festival in Palo on Feb 2 & 3. This was my first time selling there, and I had so much fun!! Last year I attended as a demonstrator for hand quilting and John sold wood turnings, so we were in separate rooms. This year we worked our booth together. I think I now have John hooked on the sales too. It is so much fun to meet new people. John has never been much for going to social events. By the time he works over the road all week, he just does not want to go to things. Well a year ago he came to a sale I was at in Hibbing. He got so enthused, that he thought I should have a smart phone so I can accept credit cards. I'm not sure it has been the best investment we have made, but I sure use it a lot!! And it is so nice at sales, I can accept debit cards and not have to take so many checks. He also thought I should have better displays, so now I set up grid wall with hooks. Way better to look through the doll clothes and mittens, rather than piles on a table.
Well it's to the sewing room I must go. Getting ready for the Women of Today craft sale March 16 in Virginia at the Miners Building 9 - 3. And the next Sat March 23 at Aurora Community Center 1 -5

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